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Our company has been in business since 1972. Our specialty is cultivating and growing live aquatic plants. Therefore, our plants remain growing in our greenhouses and ponds until the day of shipment. This ensures that you receive the freshest plants available. Our close proximity to Tampa International Airport combined with courier services guarantees that you receive your plants in the most expeditious manner, via the method of your choice.

Live plants provide both color and texture to an aquarium in addition to necessary oxygenation. Aquarium hobbyists place great importance on breeding, and live aquarium plants are an essential component of the breeding process of many fish. For many consumers in colder climates, live plants in an aquarium provide an opportunity to ‘garden indoors’ during the cold winter months. This will enable you to depend on the income plant sales will generate throughout the year. Live plants soften a pondscape and tie a water garden to its surroundings. They also provide an aesthetic means of concealing the hard edges of preformed ponds. Live plants growing in and around a pond are essential habitats for frogs and other wildlife. In addition, live plants in the water provide oxygen, as well as shade that can reduce algae-growth and create an ideal breeding ground for fish. Marginal plants attract butterflies and birds with a variety of colors and scents. And, of course, who can resist the sensational beauty and fragrances of water lilies!

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